Another 2 weeks highlights in pics.

Enjoying the view at Koh Lanta Mu Ko National Park.   Sunset from our hotel next to the beach. As we travel during low season, we were the only ones in a huge resort.   Drying some fish at one of the many local markets around Koh Lanta.   Best way to explore Koh Lanta … Continue reading Another 2 weeks highlights in pics.

Meathippie travels: Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is famous for its neighbouring temples with Borobudur being the most spectacular of them. Im not a very big fan of temples, especially if local people charge up to 20 euros(take for example that most of the museums here are around 1 euro or so) to visit one. Hell, with 20 euros, I could … Continue reading Meathippie travels: Yogyakarta.

Meathippie travels: Jakarta & Semarang

It is advisable to skip mayor cities if travelling Southeast Asia. Sometimes there just is not a way to do that, because almost all the transport routes flow through them. All of that definitely is about Jakarta. Although being a pretty impressive city, a day or two in those bustling streets is enough to see … Continue reading Meathippie travels: Jakarta & Semarang