Another 2 weeks highlights in pics.


Enjoying the view at Koh Lanta Mu Ko National Park.



Sunset from our hotel next to the beach. As we travel during low season, we were the only ones in a huge resort.



Drying some fish at one of the many local markets around Koh Lanta.



Best way to explore Koh Lanta is to rent a scooter and get lost around the island. Although getting lost is quite hard as the roads are pretty straight forward.



One of the many beautiful places you get to cruise through when exploring Koh Lanta with a scooter.



South-East Asian sunsets have always been mesmerizing.



Tuk Tuk driver carrying on with his daily work. Getting people from point A to point B.



Life of a tuk tuk driver is laid back. Work as much you want or as long as you can provide for your family.



View from our AirBnB in George Town, Malaysia. One of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to.



The street art around George Towns city center is quite unique and fun. It would take the whole day to find all of them scattered around the narrow alleys.



Wholefoods Museum in George Town is a great way to spend a few hours while the monsoon rains do their thing during lunch time. Believe me, it really helps to build up some appetite.



When the night arrives, the best food vendors find their way to the streets offering some of the best dishes in the world. Malaysia really is one of the best foodie destinations.



Rain does not stop local people from doing their daily duties. Just add some speed to get where you want faster.



Jurassic World at The Top gives you a unique feeling of jungle in the city. Would be great fun for kids if I had any.



Tons of statues and temples on the Koh Samui island. While most of the people go to Koh Phangan for partying, Samui is definitely worth checking out.



Endless corridors that lead to statues.



Coconuts are the income for quite a lot of people. Cleaning the coconuts is done bare handed and using a very sharp tool. I wonder how many of them lose their finders in a year.



The Secret Garden on Koh Samui hides in itself an ancient Indiana Jones style vibe. 



Statues, statues everywhere. 



This year has been quite rainy during our travels. For an hour each day you have to find shelter somewhere. Or get soaking wet. I have already bought two dry bags to keep my stuff from getting ruined.



Jungle lighting gives a good opportunity to take some portraits. Free props all around are a good benefit.



Be careful with some of the plants you touch, as this one for example can burn your hands if you touch the secrete that comes out of its stem.



I have never seen lizards are brave as the ones at Khao Sok National Park. They are all over the jungle keeping an eye on what you are doing.



Monkeys roam the Khao Sok area looking for open jungle hut doors to steal some goods.



Wat Chedi Luang in located in the heart on Chiang Mai. If you are into religious sightseeing then this is definitely a place to come.



They have a “talk to a monk” project located at the premises, where you can get to know a local monk and discuss the religions and get to know more about buddhism.



Golden pillars are a staple at the temples. The more shine, the more religion I guess. Gold has always been an important thing in a lot of religions.



Having late lunch at the Huay Tueng Tao lake. A most visit for foodies as you can get some unique dishes that you can not get anywhere else. One for example is the “dancing baby shrimp”. Still moving baby shrimp are marinated in sauces and herbs,



When the evening is getting closer, it is time to head back to the city to shop yourself to death at one of the many night markets around the town.

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