Thailand 2 week highlights in pics.

Although I have so far only been to overly touristic places, Thailand is slowly growing on me. It is always better to travel during low season, as prices are lower and you do not have to wait in line to grab a pad thai. And believe me, monsoon season is not only about rain. It usually only rains for 15 minutes in a day and rest is mostly sunshine. So grab your gear and book a flight before the crowds arrive.



Khao San road is the tourist mecca of Bangkok. Especially during night time. The one pity is, that the city has banned hawkers from the streets during day time, so Khaosan has lost a lot of its appeal.



Chinatowns are quite occasionally the veins of megacities. Bangkok Chinatown is no exception. Probably most of the gold sold in Thailand is pushed through the shops that operate around these parts. And here is plenty of them.



One of the newer night markets in Bangkok. New Ratchada market is a bustling sea of stalls which would satisfy the hunger of even the pickiest eaters. Orientated mainly to please peoples tummies, the varieties are vast and intriguing.



My favourite things about travelling during the monsoon season are the endless lightning storm that pop up nearly every evening. What a sight to see drinking a beer on your balcony after a long day of exploring around.



Thailand has some amazing dishes, but they have not topped Vietnamese cuisine yet. As I am in baby shoes still if it comes to Thai food, this thing might be changed. Tom Yum on the left was superb. As is the local tea.



No matter where I explore and how lost I get, I always end up at a market. And that is a good thing, as you can find lots of interesting stuff what varies from market to market.



Although I am not the person who would spend days just lying on the sand and taking in all the sun, it is still rather enjoyable fighting the massive waves of the Andaman sea.



As I mentioned, it rains only a short period of time during a day in monsoon season. Waiting 15 minutes for the rain to stop give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the funky architecture.



One way of earning your living is to hang on the parasail without any equipment and hope that the ropes do not snap.



Sunsets as always are quite mesmerizing here in South East Asia.



The more the sun falls, the better it gets.



Some slick lines of local architecture.



Sometimes the rains hit you pretty hard. And by hard I mean that you will not have any time to run under a roof. It could get you soaking wet within a few seconds.



This little fellow welcomed us to a new day every morning on Phi Phi islands.



It is a magical feeling when the sun hits just right and everything around you turns deep yellow.



Even rain will not ruin the atmosphere of the sunsets at the viewpoint on Phi Phi island.



And another one. 



There is plenty of small getaway places in Thailand to enjoy the silence or should I say the loudness in the jungle.



Renting a scooter is undoubtedly the best way to explore rural areas in SE Asia. Make sure to ask around what is the police situation and always wear your helmet!



Thamsua Temple viewed from the first 200 steps of the Tiger Cave Temple stairs.



There are 1237 stairs you have to climb if you want to get up to the mountain temple. Only monks are so crazy to build these kind of stairs. And there are far more worse than these stairs.



The amount of building material brought up this mountain is crazy. Or were these statues already here?



The views are definitely worth the climb though. And do not worry, there are massage parlors nearby if you go back down.

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