Echos of the East.

I have finally recovered from the theft of my laptop which took place in Indonesia. As a poor traveler with no gold nuggets set aside, this is can be quite devastating. Not so bad in the matter of owning a laptop no more, but with that sad series of events, I lost half of my pics from Indonesia. Or did I?

About half a year later, I hooked my external hard drive into the cold uninviting black hole on the side on my new piece of a sophisticated typing machine. And guess what I found. Without remembering it, I had backed up my photos the day prior to the theft. It is literally like stepping on a pot of gold. The not so pleasing part is that I enjoy going through my material as I travel, so sorting out a month worth of travel material is going to be a pleasurable pain in the ass. Without further gibberish, here are some of the lost gems I found browsing through the vast pile of forgotten megabytes:


















With the summer season going strong and I am popping a lot of food out of the kitchen nowadays, I guess it will take time to bring the remaining videos and pics online. Good news is though, that I will book a two month trip to Thailand from September within the next days. Anybody got any good tech insurance company contacts?:)

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