Meathippie travels: Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is famous for its neighbouring temples with Borobudur being the most spectacular of them. Im not a very big fan of temples, especially if local people charge up to 20 euros(take for example that most of the museums here are around 1 euro or so) to visit one. Hell, with 20 euros, I could tour the city by Grab(asias Uber) and visit most of the museums that are out there. That being said, I´m not a really big fan of museums aswell. I know that it makes me really uncultural, but hey, what can I do if I don´t give a fuck about history. And it tends to be pretty cruel wherever you go around the planet. There is a saying in Estonia that you should poke the eye out of whoever reminds you of the past. Being stuck to the past is not going to help you or anyone around you. It will just make you miserable. But enough of lecture, here are some of the non temple pics from Indonesias cultural capital. Does not look very cultural as I was a lazy photographer during the stay there. Most of my time went into thinking about coming up with enough money to buy all the tortured animals from the pet market.



Lady braking up coal for selling to the local foodstands.



Local student drawing batik style art. Main supplies for batik are beeswax, candlewax and different kind of chemical and natural colours. Natural colours tend to be more blurried.



Finished batik painting. Batik paintings are without exeptions done on silk. To tell the difference between an original batik and fake batik, one has to try to wash it with water. Also original batiks are the same on both sides.



Some fried bats.



Stand for the local sweet-tooths. Serving the most smelling fruit there is in the world.



Horse carriage on the black sands of Parangtritis beach. Indian ocean rumbling in the backround.



Mountain top view of Prangtritis. Parangtritis is a small resort town 23 kilometers from the centre of Yogyakarta.



Enjoying the sunset up a mountain in Parangtritis. The beaches are a getaway place for Yogyakarta people.



View from our hotel.



Megabats trying to live another day before being sold to some local. Probably for food.



Baby otter screaming for its mama.



All types of lizards are found at the pet shop. This one had his own big cage, but most of them were packed by tens into little cages with no room to move around.



Monkey being sad because he knows he is probably going to die soon.



The monkey put up the most dramatic show of being captive that I have ever seen.



The embryo is coloured inside the shell, so the chicks hatch being coloured already. They do it to attract children so they could get money from their parents to get a chick.



Feeling a bit different today?



Mouses in a big box. I really do not know if half of them were dead or not, but only a mere 10 of them were moving around



Pimped up plastic cases of cars are for rent in the evening around one of the main squares.



And there was a ton of them…



…with each one being cooler than the last.

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