Meathippie travels: Le Paradise drowning special – Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa is a small paradise island approximately 2 hour (or 4 if you go by slow ferry) away from the main island Java. Apparently almost all island that have made their way to separating from the big ones are paradise islands around the ring of fire. Atleast that was my impression when I was getting my travel boner from exploring our beloved google maps.




Arriving at the port of the island was amazeballs. I have not travelled a lot around this latitude so this was basicly my first paradise island. Stepping off the ferry, the water was clear and turqoise like nothing I have ever seen before. It looked as like all of the sea was made of car window washing liquid which tends to be bright blueish back at home. I felt overwhelmed and could not wait to get to the exploring part of arriving in a new place.




Exploring of course, in Asian countries, can be quite devastating to your joyful explorer type mindset. What from far away looks like the most perfect private beach you could imagine, is actually a naturally designed garbage collector. Every fifth piece of shit on the beach is a slipper. I really do not know what is that about. The next beach is even more severe. And one of the beaches the locals proudly call the sunrise beach. Fuck man, I really can not enjoy the sunrise sitting next to thirty pairs of abandoned slippers. As a matter of fact, there were so many of them, you could probably make a raft to escape that dump.




While everything looks pretty tidy on the pics, I can assure you this is definitely not the case. If I would take photos of everything that is fucked up in places I travel, I would only have bad memories to once again pop up after browsing through the files. Sometimes you find some interesting garbage aswell. Like this fishing boat on the shore in the pics up and down.






What completely ruined my mood on the island, were countless numbers of dead coral I saw while being on a snorkeling trip. As I asked about this from my guide, the only thing he said to me was “go a little to the right, there will be better”. If you first get on the ferry from the main island, you have to pay an entrence fee to the nature reserve that Karimunjawa area is. I have got no idea where the money that is collected is going, because the whole island was fucking dirty. The only worry that the locals have, is shitty weather, because they can not horde the tourists into small boats to take them floating in the ocean. Tourism is supposed to help locals maintain the ecological balance around the island, but this is not what I saw.






This island still can swim, but if treated like this for longer, it will drown under its own garbage. Maybe this will be even better. One less place for the human kind to fuck up.





























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