Meathippie travels: Jakarta & Semarang

It is advisable to skip mayor cities if travelling Southeast Asia. Sometimes there just is not a way to do that, because almost all the transport routes flow through them. All of that definitely is about Jakarta. Although being a pretty impressive city, a day or two in those bustling streets is enough to see all of the essencials. I´m not going to make this a long post and just throw up some of the pics. I guess the only thing I enjoyed about Jakarta was the museum scene and it was quite vast. Every second house in Kota Tua(the old town) was a museum. And the scene varied from bank museums to Indonesian puppet museums. Big up for my friend from Estonia who is currently working there and organized an amazing evening. In Semarang I did not even go 200 meters from my hotel, because it was too hot and the infinity pool in my hotel was just too enjoyable:) I am pretty sure I did not miss anything. Although I heard there is a massive monkey rail 50km south. Thats about it. Enjoy the pics.

















































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