Meathippie travels: Does Lake Toba free your DOPA?

The worlds biggest volcanic lake should definitely get your dopamine levels rising. While cruising around its endless up and down winding banks, the vastness quickly sinks in you. Let a local take your picture next to the lake and looking at that pic, you can really sense what you are dealing with. This is the volcano that not only wiped out most of the human race, but sculpted the genetics of the human population as we know it nowadays.




It does not look very volcanoish, if you take the first look at the massive quantity of water that gets topped up by waterfalls and rain every day. The only hint for the unaware are some hotspring spreaded around the area. I really did not feel like being in Indonesia anymore, but was waiting for some hobbits and a bearded pointy hatted guy to jump out of the bush trying to get away from whatever is after them again. Height really does its magic despite in which corner of the world you are.




While eating a tasty local fish dish I was a bit surprised that a volcanic lake is suitable for bigger species to enjoy the mountain aquarium that the nature has provided. The though of a positive surprise was shattered once again when I found out that true local fish are threatened by the numerous alien species humans have introduced to the waters. And ofcourse why would you need to introduce small foreign fish, if you can go all the way? Apparently now they have lake monsters that grow up to 100 kilograms. Imagine the party that villagers would throw for the fisherman who would catch that beast. Only to find the already threatened local cute fishes in the big monsters intestines. Sad.




Nevertheless Lake Toba is a magical place. Literally. Good news for the shroomers, as the mind bending caps are completely legal in the country. Apparetly you can even fly domestics flights pockets full of freshly picked psilocybin. Magic mushrooms are sold in every second shop where you can buy ciggaretes or do laundry. Or you can go gather them yourself if you manage to pay for a local to take you to the mountains magic fields. They are knows as the best mushrooms in Indonesia. Pitty I did not have the chance to take a journey.






I really really felt something for that place. The chill vibe and friendly locals made the whole visit enjoyable. With so many places to get lost, I would have easily spent a few weeks circling the banks of the lake. It definitely goes under the “we shall meet again” list. But until then, enjoy a few more pics.



























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