Meathippie travels: To pore or not to Singapore?

I do not know why, but when I have thought about Singapore, I have imagined rivers made of gold and businessmen walking around wearing suits made out of carved diamonds. It was a surprise to see that the situation is completely different. Although the bustling downtown area looks vast and does not fit into my 85mm lens, the reality is that I have seen better. And I have not been to a lot of top shelf cities around the world.




It was a pleasant discovery, that one can stretch their buck a long way. Especially in a city where millions of dollars are moved as easily as failing to stay sober when you go out with three of your best mates.  One can get a decent chicken rice for 3.50 singapore dollars(2 something euros) just a few train stops from the center. Do not forget the free soup and selection of toppings that fit in that budget meal. It is easy to fetch a booking to a hotel for 25 euros for two people. Add a few bottles of water a day and this makes a budget of 30 euros or around 48 singapore dollars. Of course you will not be living an Instagram worthy life, but fuck it, this is budget traveling.




Now, when it comes to entertainment and being a proper tourist, this is when you are gonna find out there has been a rat in your wallet. It is easy to spend 100 dollars in just half a day of cruising through shit that does not really impress a person like me. Take for example Universal Studio Singapore, where you have to pay 76 dollars to see replicas of Hollywood and New York streets. Fuck, if I had the money to come to Singapore, I am pretty sure I would have had the money to go and see these streets in person. I am happy that mother nature still provides us with free of charge amazeballs moments every time you step your foot into the wild. Although people are trying to put a levy on that aswell.




All in all, Singapore is a nice city to visit for a few days, but not more. If you work in the concrete jungle above the canopy around the downtown area, you must have your priorities pretty fucked up. It is hard to keep a straight face towards a society that asks 8 dollars for a 0.33l beer in a servo. But hey, it is not the provider who is the dumb one, it is the one who pays. And people are willing to pay, because there are no other ways to “take the edge off”. Doing drugs will get you a death penalty. So if staying longer, I would recommend bringing a DIY beer brewing packet and buy a bucket. Save money drinking your own brewed gold hoping that maybe some loanshark will discover you and develop a taste for your beer. Claim your prize and then you can start buying 8 dollar beer from the shop aswell. Oh the irony.




Though it is never wise to listen to somebody too much, so better get off the web right now and do/sell some handcrafting to gather finances to experience the lush culture yourself.














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