Stairway to Barcelona. Torres Masters Cocktail Competition practice.

Some people are good at fixing cars and some are good at helping women give birth. Juha Konttinen is not good at either of them, but what he is good at, is getting people wasted in a fashionable way. Pair that to a delicious Lapish surf & turf prepared by Ilari Otto Kinnunen and BAM! we have a winner. I took part in the small practice event Juha and Ilari had, because who doesn’t like free booze and raw reindeer?

Not much more to say right now, enjoy the pics and try to guess what’s in the cocktail. (PS! It has Torres in it)



The cocktail recipe remains a secret, as the competition is just heating up, but once things are settled, I’m sure Juha will kindly share it with everybody. Same goes for the surf & turf recipe made by Ilari, but under the cover I can say that it includes raw reindeer and arctic char.


Torres (4 of 14)


Torres (8 of 14)


Torres (11 of 14)


Torres (12 of 14)


Torres (14 of 14)


Competition finals are in October, so there is a lot of time to fine tune the menu. Good luck to Juha and Ilari for the upcoming finals. Yes, I am that positive. Hopefully we all get to go to Barcelona for a vacation.



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