Lapland Hotels Snowvillage

When I first thought of a snow village, I imagined a vast area full of huts and iglus that you can explore. I was imagening snow built cafes and mökkis(little cottages in finnish) you can sleep in. That’s why coming to this (the picture below), made me think of going in and asking my petrol money back. As it costs 15 euros to get in, I really started to change my mind of going in.


It all changed when walking in though. I wouldn’t say that it is a village, but a big snow building. Long blue crystal lit tunnels take you around different sections of the “village”. The tunneling is pretty massive, so I got even a bit lost.


The different parts are full of pretty cool ice art, which if I understood right are a collab. of Asian and local artists works. Snowvillage remains on a steady -2 to -5 degrees celsius, regardless of the weather outside. Perfect conditions to store your ice art or your ice pop.




But this is when the fun really begins. There are a lot of suites, all of them are designed differently. They even have a competition for artists to design the best suite and get it made there. You can read all about it here.






I could go on and on with the pictures, because there is so much detail in every suite. Sleeping one night in the suite will set you back up to 440 euros. Or you can enjoy an icy cold night in a more modest room for 240. I would rather go camping if I wanted a survival experience, but I’ll better pass and sleep in my comfy warm bed:) Staying over one night is not recommended and I can’t think of a reason why you should. You can really feel the 20 million kilogram of snow pushing towards you, so the place is definitely not for people who even have a slight claustrofobia. They even have a chapel where you can get married.


And ofcourse you can’t say you have a proper hotel if you don’t have a movie theatre made of ice.


Still the main attraction is all of the snow and ice art around.




And some more tunnels:

And one of the best pics I’ve taken of a person in a long time:


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