The concept of “kitchen hopping”.

Every employers dream is to find the perfect candidate for the position they have offered on the market. They are looking for a hard working person who is about to fill the position for a long time(til the end of ones heartbeats or when the place goes bankrupt). It takes a bit of a different toll when it comes to hospitality business.




Vigorous long hours will take the most out of people, who are willing to give the best of what they have to offer. If they don’t seem to be appreciated for their effort,  it is pretty easy for one to start wondering how would it be like somewhere else. As hospitality workers are being violated, at least in Estonia, with too long work hours, shitty pay and bad working conditions, it is not a surprise that businesses have more movement than a Walmart on a Black Friday. But not consumer movement. And this is where my journey started.




The concept of “kitchen hopping” is pretty easy. As hospitality scene is lacking enthusiasts who truly love what they are doing and not just doing it to get paid on a friday to get smashed(although it is pretty important while being young), it is pretty easy to find yourself in a new kitchen every now and then. There is nothing wrong with the endless search of happiness. But there is a negative side to all of that. The same employers, who see your enthusiasm, see themselves getting old accompanied by your shining bright ideas and positive thinking. As their hopes of being the perfect candidate(which I have explained in the first paragraph) are so high, it is hard to crush their dream of laying back and only paying bills. “Kitchen hopping“, in that matter, is a psychically hard way of earning ones living. If you get a contract on a project basis, it’s easy, but most of the employers are not going to hire you if you say, that: “yea alright guys, I’m gonna get a good vibe going around and inside your business and then I’m gonna be gone”. It is just against every aspect of a long lasting business. That’s why you end up doing a puppy face while being interviewed, leaving a bitter taste in the employers mouths as you see no further progress in all of it after a couple of months or more.




All of the innovative ideas and the sheer fiery joy to serve customers come from the very thing I call “kitchen hopping“. The more you get in touch with the actual workers and customers around different establishments, the more you get inspired by the stories told by coworkers and the little smiles that pop from the ends of the corners of the customers lips, after taking the first bite of a freshly made dish. And all of those smiles and stories are different.





I’ve been doing that for a while now. I’ve been changing kitchens like socks. I’ve seen good ones and the bad ones. I’ve seen one man doing the work of three men and I’ve seen the opposite.  But it’s what I still haven’t discovered, that makes me a better person and a chef. Hopefully I will never discover it, because atleast then,  I’m moving forward all the time.




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