Indonesia and Japan, here I come!

Just booked tickets for the autumn season from Tartu to Singapore and back from Osaka to Tartu. Belive me or not, the whole round is 289 euros + some credit cards fees.




The main plan is to get from Singapore to Medan and then work my way down from there to Bali. Then fly from Bali to Osaka to get a handmade chef knife made and fly back to Estonia just before christmas. The whole trip is going to be a bit less then three months. By doing a bit of research I’ve also understood, that you need way more then the time I’ve planned to properly enjoy the whole vastness of Indonesia, but I will give my best. I really don’t like being on the move every other day to stay in schedule. For me, its hard to get into the vibe of the locals while rushing through everything. A week here and a week there will give a better overview of things around you and lets the memories sink into your mind. We all have done a trip where after getting home, you feel like the trip was just a dream cause you were rushing by everything and didn’t slow down to let all of those awsome things stick to you.

I really love the exitement when you have something to wait and work for. The summer months are going to be flying by while working up finances for the next trip. Can’t wait to get my hands and mouth on the Indonesian street food and all the weirdness that’s going on in Japan. is offering tickets from Tartu and some from Tallinn with error prices. You can read more about it on Great way to discover multible countries in one trip. And cheap as fuck.

I love good news.

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