Ski bumming while joy humming

Changed my blog into english, as I’ve gathered a lot of friends from different nations during my travels who might wanna catch up on me cruising through life. Can’t be bothered translating old posts so may google help you:)

So one day I stumbeled upon an article about skibums becoming more successful as they get older and start prioritizing differently. You can read the whole bunch here:

Why skibums are more successful in life?

Although I don’t consider myself a skibum, I am literally living that life right now. In fact it was my first time ever on skis and a snowboard just a week ago and now I can’t get enough. It is actually really easy to get yourself tangled into that mad whirlpool of which is the winter season here in the north. With 24/7 partying, relatively good pay and low living costs, I do see myself enjoying a few seasons, or more.


It is the perfect place for a traveler with an itch to pack ones bag and get on the move. As the season usually last for 6 months, one has plenty of time to wonder around the globe before getting back to the ski madness. Although you tend to spend here a bit on beer etc., it’s too easy to gather money for a nice 6 month trip under palm trees in Asia (Indonesia is my next destination). If you get a job in the hospitality section, you cut your food expense and your only cost of living to survive will be the rent for a room, which in my case, is 220 euros per month.

With plenty of jobs going around in the beginning of the season, everyone can find something for their taste. As tourism is usually built up on an international language, one can easily manage with only english. Here are some websites to get you going:

This one I haven’t got any clue about, but one of my good fellow coworkers is working under that company and he hasn’t complained so far:

The other one that I’m under is Staffpoint, which is one of the biggest here in Finland. Super nice agents, salary is on time and impressive website to manage your working hours(longer post about that to come).

If anybody has some more questions, feel free to send me an e-mail, message me on Facebook or leave a comment below.

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