There is no silence before the storm.

What was supposed to be a laid back day turned into a tie up frenzy as warnings of a possible full storm started spreading around yesterday. As a massive fan of different acts of nature, it is easy to hype yourself up to be witnessing something you do not get that often. When I woke … Continue reading There is no silence before the storm.

Life is best enjoyed in trolling speed.

"You are going to live/work on a small island that is under quite strict protection due to quite a few very special species of flora and fauna." they said to me before I canceled my already signed contracts and rearranged my life to move to Norway. Getting on a train from Oslo, I would have … Continue reading Life is best enjoyed in trolling speed.

Meathippie travels: Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is famous for its neighbouring temples with Borobudur being the most spectacular of them. Im not a very big fan of temples, especially if local people charge up to 20 euros(take for example that most of the museums here are around 1 euro or so) to visit one. Hell, with 20 euros, I could … Continue reading Meathippie travels: Yogyakarta.

Meathippie travels: Le Paradise drowning special – Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa is a small paradise island approximately 2 hour (or 4 if you go by slow ferry) away from the main island Java. Apparently almost all island that have made their way to separating from the big ones are paradise islands around the ring of fire. Atleast that was my impression when I was getting … Continue reading Meathippie travels: Le Paradise drowning special – Karimunjawa

Meathippie travels: Jakarta & Semarang

It is advisable to skip mayor cities if travelling Southeast Asia. Sometimes there just is not a way to do that, because almost all the transport routes flow through them. All of that definitely is about Jakarta. Although being a pretty impressive city, a day or two in those bustling streets is enough to see … Continue reading Meathippie travels: Jakarta & Semarang